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About Us

L'una Design are determined to come up with interior design solutions and go beyond their clients expectations. L'una Design view every new brief as an opportunity to be incredibly innovative and pride ourselves on being able to deliver creativity and flare at a realistic cost. L'una Design relish a challenge and are involved from first consultation through to the projects' completion. Their goal is to create inspirational living spaces whether we re-design, recreate or refresh your home or workspace.
Their inspiration comes from both living in Europe and working with both top European and British furniture designers who are renowned for their design, style and exceptional quality allowing us to bring our clients the best possible choice of furniture and accessories at extremely competitive prices. Dustin and Michele of L'una Design understand better than most that homes need to be a blend of practicality and design and areas should be defined yet flow. With a family of five daughters, two dogs and a design business to run there are few projects that they haven't had the experience in working with or challenging."

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