Back to School!

We are harnessing all that ‘back to school’ enthusiasm and giving the website and our social channels a boost, so we can keep you up to date on all things interior design.

With our summer holidays all out of the way and our tans fading quickly, we are now getting increasingly excited about what’s coming up over the autumn months. 

As a close-knit team of interior designers, kitchen designers, space planners and skilled installers, we are always bouncing ideas off each other, questioning new trends and generally ‘keeping our eyes peeled’ in a quest to make sure our clients can always access the very best in interior design that is really in-tune with current trends. We are determined to ensure our designs are timeless and not influenced by design fads, so it’s great to keep on top of everything that is going on in the industry. 

At our Montpellier base, we are often spotted huddling around whilst assembling mood boards and designs for projects we are delivering. Incidentally, if ever you are passing, don’t worry about disturbing us – we always welcome visitors. 

When we are not together in our Cheltenham studio / showroom, we’re constantly connected with each other. This may be by way of fleeting WhatsApp messages about kitchen design ideas, emails regarding particular details of home remodelling projects or even through social media, posting pictures of a little bit of ‘window shopping’ as we all go about enjoying life.  

It’s that time of year! Do you remember getting ready to go back to school after the summer holidays? New pencil case?, tick. New shoes?, tick. New timetable?, tick.  Well, we’re much the same and we want to harness this enthusiasm and share some of what we love with you. With this in mind we will be boosting our social media presence together on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As well as this, you’ll also be seeing a lot more activity on our blog. We will be covering interiors, kitchens, furniture, food, entertaining and even music. (although not sure we’ll be shouting too loudly about Dustin’s favourite tunes!!)

We hope you enjoy the new feel to the blog and welcome ideas for future features.