The consumers who choose a Amura product are aware that their choice is for something unrepeatable, due to the incredible range of coverage, materials, sizes and compositions at hands; features that make it possible to create authentically bespoke products, perfectly embodying personal taste and ideas.

Amura furnishes the living and bed rooms with particular attention to a “total look”: real elegance indeed lies in simplicity, real luxury in craftsmanship, in know-how, in the quest for uniqueness.

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All the elements that are part of different collections (sofas, chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, beds, lamps) are tightly coordinated: thus, the wood used for the base of the sofa, is the same used for the sideboard, or for the coffee tables (as well as the design); the lampshade is covered in the same fabric used for the seat of the sofa, while the leather used for the frame of the same sofa is also on the doors of the sideboard…

Everything builds up to the creation of a refined space, with measured elegance.

Maurizio Marconato & Terry Zappa, Luca Scacchetti, Jarmo Ikonen & Janne Salovaara, Skrivo are the designers that, for many years, have been alongside the Amura team, in the design and development of the collections.

Famed professionals, of great talent and experience in architecture and interior design, each with their own stylistic tendencies, to offer to our public diversified proposals with high project standards and strong design contents.

These Italian products that are so unique and can be personalized so much that they become universal, and make Amura a brand more and more recognized, and recognizable in the world as a Made in Italy icon.

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