Style and tradition come together with Expormim indoor and outdoor furniture

Stylish chaise longues, sofas, armchairs and chairs are just a few of the many iconic products that Expormim manufacture. Find out more about the history of Expormim and how they make such amazing indoor and outdoor furniture.

More than 60 years ago, a young lawyer, by the name of Miguel Laso Tortose, would visit places in Europe to explore new business opportunities and enjoy the splendour and beauty of the regions he found.

He soon recognised the need for growth and improvement in the industry sector of Moixent in Valencia, Spain.

Moixent was mostly agricultural at the time and Miguel seized the opportunity to introduce his products to the market. He saw that there were a lack of natural products available and in 1969 he founded “La Exportadora del Mimbre”.

Supplying wicker baskets, folding screens, cradles and other accessories.

Black and gold Expormim screen

In 1969 he founded the “La Exportadora del Mimbre’ range, which included Screens, Wicker Baskets and other acessories.

Expormim is a company that proudly continues to deliver products of the highest quality and comfort, in order to meet market demands. Never forgetting the company’s original commitment and continually
adding new products to our range ensures that we carry on the proud tradition and visions of our founder Miguel Laso Tortose.



50 years experience and over 40 countries around the world Expormim have made their mark.

With over 50 years’ dedication and experience, the company continues to grow with its presence in over 40 countries around the world. By continuing to improve on the manufacturing processes, sourcing the finest RAW materials and carefully designing their products, Expormim has made its mark in the market as one of the leading indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturers of our time.

Outdoor furniture, Expormim

image above made of Aluminum and upholstered with foam. Expormim only using the highest of quality materials


Expormim designs its products from the finest materials and, with over half a century of experience, our unique range of products continue to meet the ever-changing styles and demands of the market.
Stylish chaise longues, sofas, armchairs and chairs are just a few of the many iconic products that Expormim manufacture. Constantly at the forefront in the design and manufacturing process, and by developing a vast product range.

Expormim crafts high-quality furniture that is steeped in tradition and adds style and sophistication to any home or garden.

wooden woven armchair in garden

Expormim stand out against other outdoor furniture suppilers due to their hand woven natural products

The unique handcrafting and weaving skills that go into many of the products is one of the reasons Expormim stands out from the rest. Expert hands and the know-how of these skills come together to produce sophistication and a unique individual feeling to each piece.




Breaking into new markets and expanding the horizons of Expormims business is still one of the companies key focus areas. Through constant research and development, Expormim will continue to grow and bring you exceptional indoor and outdoor furniture and the accessories that might go with it.


Black circle coffee cable

Expomim are continuing to create products indoors and outdoors as well as a range fo accessories such as this black wood top coffee table


Image credit : Expormim