Giving new fridges the cold shoulder…

Sometimes the top of the range modern appliances just don’t fit the bill for a project. Read on to find out what we’re using instead.

If you happen to have been along a tree-lined road in the west of Cheltenham, somewhere near Cheltenham Lido, you may have spotted some major home remodelling going on! Despite the scale of the villa in question, it is not immediately apparent the extent of works being undertaken. On first sight, you’ll notice a very smart contemporary render that has been applied to the property which is set back on a dogleg in the road. Behind the perimeter wall and gated entrance is a ‘state of the art’ extension designed by local architects, coombes:everitt. The centrepiece of the design is a beautiful gull wing glass-fronted extension, that houses the pool in the basement and living accommodation above.

L’una Design was originally appointed to design and install a designer Italian kitchen within this property. Having gained the trust and respect of the client, our brief has evolved to cover various parts of this gorgeous home. One aspect that has really got us excited is the bar refrigeration…bear with us…

By our own admittance, the fridges that we usually specify in our Pedini kitchens are high-end modern appliances. Maybe Siemens or even Gaggenau. These manufacturers offer amazing products that fit perfectly in a modern kitchen. But it is not these appliances that have stopped us in our tracks on this project. Instead, we have fallen for an older model! Alright, it’s had a bit of TLC, but it is still old…so old the design originates from before the time of electric refrigeration.

Within the bar area of the villa, within easy reach of the poolside, we have specified an ‘Ice Box’ from the Vintage Fridge Company. This company sources and modernises Ice Boxes. They work tirelessly to keep all original exterior features as sympathetically renovated as possible, so as not to detract from the age and authenticity of the original Ice Boxes it sources. The history behind these pieces is incredible and can be found on the Vintage Fridge Company website, with some stunning images on their Instagram. These fridges grace the interiors of a number of great bars both here in Gloucestershire and as far afield as Chicago. So, the next time you’re in the Lucky Onion Crazy 8’sbar in Cheltenham or at the Soho House Pool Bar in Chicago, you’ll know that they have the same fridges we specify to create a bit of poolside opulence from a bygone era!