The Beauty of Modern Contemporary Interior Design


Find out how these two beautiful and different design styles can work together to create classic, comforting and contrasting interiors.

Classic, comforting, contrasting: Modern Contemporary interior design is truly beautiful.

Typically, when someone mentions modern contemporary interior design, images of clean lines, prominent edges and every shade of grey are the first thought that spring to mind for many people.
Although the two styles may seem synonymous they’re actually two different styles in their own right.

First, you have “Modern design”, which refers to the specific time period between the early to mid-twentieth century.  Then you have “Contemporary design” which instead of referring to a specific period of time, it constantly changes to reflect the popular styles of the present day.

However, the overlapping elements between contemporary and modern style create a stunning and versatile look, and with good balance and planning, together these sleek styles can become much warmer and more welcoming than you might think.

Here’s how modern contemporary design can be classic, comforting and contrasting:

Decorations and flourishes

You can never have too many cosy throws and cushions in a modern contemporary space.
Accompanying dramatic lines and open plan spaces with softer decorations, patterns, shapes, and textures add real character to a room.

You can go further too, with quirky rugs, daring wall art, and unique ornaments to compliment the clean, glossy design.


Cheeky hints of bold colour

…and often more than just a hint! The modern contemporary design mixes class and colour in a flawless way, emphasising one or two bold themes on a palette of neutral tones.

We particularly love working tones of Nature, they complement any space and its wonderful to reflect the surroundings or views from a window, greens, blues, terracotta and even pink – reflections of the night sky on a background of different greys, whites, or beige, and the contrast created is both elegant and comforting.


Natural light and surroundings

One feature that is essential for the perfect modern contemporary room is plenty of natural light. The juxtaposition of pure nature and modern innovation in this way is effective and beautiful.

Having large windows allows for plenty of scopes to experiment with colours, shapes, patterns, and decorations both inside and outside.


Above all, modern contemporary interior design is all about simplicity that showcases a sophisticated and timeless elegance.

With so much freedom and flexibility, this adaptable elegance will never go out of style!