Unique Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Mar 28, 2019 | Kitchen Design, News

Read about the three emerging kitchen design trends for 2019 and get all the inspiration you need for the perfect kitchen design.

Open, together and unique kitchen designs for 2019

In recent years, the kitchen has been transformed from a practical food preparation hideaway to a communal space where we enjoy food and family life.

With this in mind, we’ve uncovered 3 emerging trends for 2019 that will help you plan your dream kitchen.

From open shelving, dark colour palettes and rustic wooden finishes, you can get all the kitchen inspiration you need right here:

From open shelving, dark colour palettes and rustic wooden finishes, you can get all the kitchen inspiration you need right here.

Open Storage

Say hello to glass jars, stacks of crockery, and open larders. Having your kitchen and its contents on display is a style that has dramatically risen in popularity. As long as every container has its place, this looks wonderful in both large and small kitchens. You can showcase your beautiful kitchenwares among other heirlooms and antiques, and even make the most of statement wallpaper. The ability to see through your storage also means everything is easy to find. 

We know the open shelf look isn’t for everyone, but if you have enough storage elsewhere, a mix of upper cabinets with open shelves gives you the opportunity to inject a mix of materials, bring in some feature lighting and show off a valued collection. This style really celebrates food and cooking as a shared activity rather than a chore and allows you to add some decorative touches to your kitchen. 

Colour and Contrast

Innovative, modern, and sleek kitchens will always have a place in the market, but this year, we are playing with bold colours too.

Dark colours are making a big comeback in 2019. We are steering away from the popular greys and whites of the past years into a rich navy, green and black palette, which looks spectacular when paired with gold, copper or brass hardware and fixtures.

These dark, moody colours don’t just stop at the cabinets and walls either, you’ll see them on kitchen surfaces and splash backs too.

We’re talking of rich dark honed or leathered finished stone worktops in contrast to the early 2000’s.

Unlike the shiny black granite worktops paired with glossy white or walnut cabinets of the early 2000s, we’re talking about rich dark honed or leathered finished stone worktops, which is basically a matte finish, with similar dark toned cabinets.

Pair a statement colour with contrasting black or white tones to really give your kitchen a unique edge.

Rustic Wooden Kitchens

As well as the bold, modern designs, the more modest but utterly beautiful rustic wooden kitchen will continue to rise in popularity this year. We’re talking bare wood finishes like straight grained oak and walnut. Traditional timbers with rich tones and textures, embracing natures place in the kitchen.

To add texture and variety of tactile finishes, kitchens will be mixing materials like wood, granite, and quartz on worktops, the floor, and the cabinets for the perfect style balance. We will also be seeing more individual pieces of furniture in the kitchen rather than everything being the same. This look allows vintage pieces to be worked into a design and a move to a more sustainable future where we can breathe life back into old and existing pieces of furniture.

One common theme crossing over all styles this year is an emphasis on togetherness.

Take every opportunity to create a family vibe in your kitchen, and no matter how small your space you will enjoy the company of your loved ones and celebrate meal times together.