L’una has gained in-depth experience of working closely with professional high-end property developers in Gloucestershire and beyond.

The requirements of property developers are slightly different to those of homeowners who set about updating their living spaces, usually after a period of dreaming about their special project. Whilst design is quite rightly still an overarching consideration, there is far more in the mix when working with developers. Some of the client emotion that influences the design process when working with homeowners is replaced by more commercially influenced decision making. We completely understand why this is the case and it does not make our job any less exciting, but requires us to approach such projects with a different frame of mind. We are, essentially, working one step removed from the end users and against a different, and sometime more complex, set of criteria.

We can work with developers from the very beginning of their project. We are adept at working hand-in-hand with appointed architects prior to building designs even being finalised. Our detailed understanding of kitchen, bathroom and living space design, can contribute a valuable steer at this early stage and positively influence building and space design. We are also equally happy coming to projects at a slightly later stage, once building structure design is already agreed.

We work carefully with developers to understand their desired ‘end product’ and their brand. We like to ‘get’ their vision and make sure that we help them achieve this. This is not to say we do not challenge norms and question pre-conceptions. It is this collaborative and inquisitive approach that sets us apart from other kitchen, bathroom and interiors designers.

In working with developers are particularly experienced in ensuring the following key points are not overlooked.

  • We work with developer appointed design input if required to guarantee joined-up solutions are achieved.
  • We undertake detailed cost-modelling of various options to ensure budgets are met, whilst still maintaining the very highest build and design standards.
  • We either install our designs ourselves using appointed and vetted trades, or we provide project management support to developers.
  • We provide support in determining optimal delivery and installation schedules and undertake liaison with other trades as appropriate.
  • We draw on our excellent supply chain relations to achieve trade support for large volume orders.

For examples of our work with developers, check out the following Case Study page.

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